About us

Craftsmanship, Noun,

"the skill involved in making something beautiful or practical using your hands, the beautiful or impressive quality of something that has been made using a lot of skill"

Here at CrasftmanSelectShop, Craftsmanship is what we admire, desire and worship.. 

We`re the CSS, and we love crafts. we own our own store and get to discover and promote great crafts to fulfill people`s craves for craftsmanship. As fellow craftsman, we see a lot of great craftsman`s master pieces unseen to the world. That's why we set out to create a platform for craftsman to bring they`re art pieces to the world.

We source our art pieces from US, Europe and Asia - Because we acquire our art pieces from multiple workships, please allow for up to 2-3 weeks for any items that may ship from international workshops.

If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you!

Please contact us at epluspproduction@gmail.com